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Product Introduction:

This series of products are mainly used for the electronic control of embedded microwave ovens, steamers and ovens (abbreviation: micro-steaming). It can realize all the control functions of micro-steaming with the corresponding operation parts and execution parts.

The man-machine interface is friendly and the control unit can be used. Choose and design according to customer requirements.

The micro-steaming display board can be integrated design. We have an integrated design scheme for the digital tube and TFT. The digital tube can use different black film.

The TFT can use different UI interfaces, with different software functions in the same set Micro-steaming function under hardware conditions.

Man-machine Interface Mode:

Display mode: digital tube display, LCD display, TFT color screen.

Button mode: tact switch, sensor button, TP touch screen.

Knob mode: band switch, code switch.

Execution Components:

Microwave ovens: microwave tubes, barbecue heating tubes, rotating motors, furnace lights, etc.

Steaming furnace: steam generator, auxiliary heating pipe, inlet valve, drainage valve, etc.

Oven: upper heating tube, lower heating tube, back heating tube, if you have inner and outer rings can be individually controlled. Furnace lamps, cooling fans, convection fans.

Temperature probe temperature measurement method: Thermocouple, platinum resistance (PT100 or PT1000), thermistor can be used.

Use Scene
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