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Water Purifier

Product Introduction

This type of product is mainly used for computer control on net drinking machines. Intelligent program algorithms guarantee water quality and low energy consumption. Intelligent control guarantees high quality of each water production. Each function module can be added, deleted or customized according to customer requirements.

Function Introduction

Intelligent human-computer interaction,

Button mode: touch button, sensor button, code switch, dial switch, etc.

Display mode: digital tube display, LED light indication, segment code or dot matrix liquid crystal display.

Automatic detection of water level; automatic and manual double water injection to meet individual needs.

Intelligent automatic flush filter, intelligent definition of flush frequency, more peace of mind;

Each time the water is as high as the first time, avoiding the growth of bacterial moss inside the machine, directly extending the actual life of the filter, saving 50% of maintenance costs.

Intelligent water leakage protection, real-time monitoring, more peace of mind.

Strong ozone preservation, preservation and inhibition in one step.

Induction cooker heating, more rapid sterilization of boiling.

Child lock function to prevent misuse and ensure safety.

WIFI intelligent networking, filter the situation of the filter anytime, anywhere to ensure water quality.

Use the core components of the glue filling technology, waterproof and dustproof, make the control board life longer

Use Scene
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