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Washing Machine

Product Introduction

Such products are mainly used for computer control of household semi-automatic, fully automatic washing machines, commercial coin-operated automatic washing machines, and frequency conversion automatic washing machines. The intelligent program algorithm guarantees the degree of cleanliness and low energy consumption of different kinds of clothes, and enables the entire pulsator washing machine to operate efficiently and intelligently by controlling self-balancing, variable frequency motors, or ordinary motors. Each function module can be added, deleted or customized according to customer requirements.

Function Introduction

It is suitable for intelligent control of semi-automatic, fully automatic and commercial coin-operated automatic washing machines.

The electronic water level can be freely selected to the appropriate water level; the weight of the clothes is detected according to the fuzzy weighing, and the appropriate water level is automatically selected. conserve water. Blu-ray sterilization function, laundry is more assured.

Capacitive inductive one-button sliding start-up, user new experience. The water retention function allows users to recycle water and save resources.

Musical reminders, there are buttons or washing ends, there are wonderful music reminders, which makes people feel more comfortable.

It can be used with BLDC inverter controller to form energy-saving inverter washing machine; with wireless WIFI module, it constitutes Internet of Things smart washing machine. Full touch operation, TFT large screen display, dazzling animation effects, user-friendly UI design, no need to learn, open and use.

Use Scene
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