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Product Introduction:

For the double door, three doors, multi-doors, open the door to the various types of refrigerators, but also for refrigerators and wine coolers.

Low power consumption features, more energy saving (standby < 0.5W).

The perfect alternative to traditional mechanical refrigerators, intelligent compressor protection algorithms, make the compressor's working life longer.

Real-time temperature sensing technology enables precise temperature control of each chamber in the cabinet.

Intelligent heating compensation to solve startup problems at low temperatures.

LED box interior lighting system, the lighting is more comfortable and intimate, 1-2W ultra-low power consumption, using light touch buttons or capacitive sensing buttons and LED, TN LCD screen and other components to form a human-computer interaction interface, simple and clear, excellent control.

With good function expansion, you can load ice-making, preserving, sterilizing, storing wine, and other functions, and add or delete customization according to user needs.

Satisfying the conditions for upgrading to the Internet of Things Smart Refrigerator is the preferred solution to move the Internet of Things refrigerator to a common consumer refrigerator.

Combined with frequency conversion control technology, the refrigerator can be upgraded to an inverter refrigerator program, which saves energy and reduces noise.

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