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Product Introduction:

Intelligent automatic dishwasher control panel series, suitable for intelligent control of domestic and commercial dishwashers.

The intelligent program algorithm can automatically adjust the soft water and add detergent. By controlling the frequency conversion motor or the common motor, the entire dishwasher can run intelligently, ensuring the degree of dishwashing and low energy consumption. Each function module can be added, deleted or customized according to customer requirements.

Function Introduction:

1. According to different washing objects to select the corresponding washing program.

2. There are disinfection and drying functions, use more healthy.

3. Power-down memory function, after the power supply recovers, it can start running from the power-off point, avoiding starting from scratch and saving time.

4. There is a reservation function, which can automatically finish the cutlery within the scheduled time.

5. Child lock function to prevent misuse and ensure safety.

6. Dirtyness detection can achieve the function of washing and stopping.

7. There is a self-test fault alarm function. When it detects a dishwasher malfunction, it can alarm and stop working.

8. Waterproof, dustproof and longer-lasting gluing intelligent control board.

9. Intelligent adjustment of water softening system, always control the hardness of washing water, can better ensure that the dishes do not leave water stains, crystal clear.

10.WIFI intelligent networking, remote control dishwashing process, grasp the washing situation anytime, anywhere.

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