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Development direction of LED drive power

Development direction of LED drive power

1.Improve drive power life

  One of the important advantages of LED is its long service life, which is about 30,000-100,000 hours. The traditional LED drive power supply contains electrolytic capacitor, which has a relatively short life of about 5,000 hours. This is the main reason that restricts the life of LED drive power supply, so the electrolytic capacitor should be avoided as much as possible in the LED drive power supply.

2.Increase the input power factor of the drive power supply, and reduce the total harmonic distortion. This standard is applicable to a series of products, such as table lamp, cabinet lamp, etc. The power factor of LED drive power supply for home lighting must be greater than 0.7 and that for commercial lighting must be greater than 0.9. The iec61000-3-2 harmonics content standard stipulates that lighting with a power level greater than 25W should meet the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) less than 35% and the power factor not less than 0.7. The introduction of these standards, LED lighting of the drive power supply design has put forward higher requirements.

3.Reduce the volume of the power supply

  The leds themselves are relatively small, which is great for portable products. The LED drive power should also be as small as possible so that it can fit smoothly into the LED lamp holder. In the design process, the volume of power supply should be reduced as far as possible.

4.Improve the reliability of drive power

  In the process of LED operation, non-human factors such as high temperature and device aging can cause fatal damage to the LED body. Therefore, protection circuits, such as overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection, should be added to the LED drive power supply for emergency treatment of accidents to ensure the safety of the LED itself.